About us

           About us


We are Ylenia and Elia, sister and brother, and together we manage our extra accommodation facilities in the center of Alghero.


Our great-grandmother Francesca already in distant times welcomed travelers who had come from far away into her home, the overnight stays at that time used to last several weeks but even months, so our dear grandmother being a good hostess offered them a comfortable room and besides breakfast he shared with the various travelers both lunch and dinner with the whole family.


The unaware grandmother did not know that she was one of the pioneers of the launch of tourism in Alghero. In 2004 our mother Franca opened the doors of our house, following the tradition of Nonna Francesca, thus starting a project to welcome travelers to the family who came to discover our city Alghero. The Big Fish, as the bed and breakfast was called, was one of the very first b & bs here in Alghero. Thanks to our parents We grew up with the genuineness of sharing and conviviality with anyone who chose our home as a place of accommodation.


Our father Stefano as a good fisherman as well as an excellent home cook, every day prepared dishes based on fresh fish, and all together sitting around the large round table we exchanged various anecdotes of life and at the same time we enjoyed the excellent gastronomic preparations of father Stefano. The guests who have lived the Big Fish since the beginning have remained very loyal over the years, thus cultivating a beautiful relationship of friendship until today.


Over the years the Big Fish has had to adapt to the rules that regulate the b & b. In 2010, Aba Maya was born, Big Fish’s sister facility. Today Big Fish is followed in every minimal preparation by Elia and Aba Maya by Ylenia. Together we share the passion for hospitality and the discovery of new services to offer to our guests. Always available for any need of our dear guests, because our hospitality goes beyond a simple “room for rent”.


We have many services on the list and a lot of availability in dispensing advice on what to visit here in our city of Alghero and surroundings.